Wireless CarPlay NBT EVO Widescreen 8.8/10.2″ BMW F10/F20/F30 1/2/3/4/5/6/X2/X5/X6 SERIES 2016-2019 NAVIGATION CAMERA INTERFACE


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Designed to work with Widescreen 8.8/10.2″ BMW F10/F20/F30 1/2/3/4/5 SERIES 2016-2019. Your car must have the Widescreen NBT EVO system – either 8.8″ or 10.2″ screen. 

Retains full original factory info/radio displays on car screen, as well as full integration with factory steering wheel and radio controls.

DIY installation is required, however detailed fitting instructions are included. Reversing camera shown is sold separately. This unit can also accept both front/rear camera and 360 degree camera inputs (cameras sold separately)

Key advantages of the Unique Auto Developments CarPlay kit include

• Full CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later

• Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze and be notified of the live traffic information

• Allows handsfree calling and messaging

• Voice control via Siri

• Inbuilt interface for front and rear cameras.

• Play music from your favourite phone apps, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Music comes out from BMW factory stereo system.

• Can be connected Wirelessly or by USB port (included in the kit) to keep your phone charged at the same time

• The USB port included can also accept USB flash drive/hard drive to play music and videos. 

• Full iDrive control and steering wheel control.

• We provide a UAD approved USB flash drive for software updates

• An installation guide will be included in the box.

• One year warranty and lifetime email support.


It fits F20 1 and 2 Series, F15 X5/F16 X6 07/2016 onwards, F30 3 and 4 Series fitted with either 8.8″ or 10.2″ screen(2016 to 2019) It fits both LHD and RHD vehicles.

This will not fit CIC widescreen nav units (used up to late 2012) or NBT units (usually from 2013 to 07/2015) If you are unsure of fitment please contact us with your VIN number and we can advise.

Installation steps overview

  1. Remove central air vent trim with trim tool, undo 2 x torx bolts securing climate control/radio panel, disconnect connectors below – remove.
  2. Undo 2 x torx bolts holding radio unit, pull out to reveal connections. Plug in our wiring (completely plug and play inline with factory connectors) stow interface box in space behind glovebox, route usb, install microphone, route cable for phone. Refit.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will this kit fit my car?

See compatibility details above, if unsure, send your VIN to info@unique-ad.co.uk

2. Will I have to change my original car screen or make wiring modifications?

This kit allows you to retain the factory fitted display screen in your car, and all wiring is plug and play, so no cutting wires etc.

3. Will sound come out of my car stereo?
Yes, this unit will allow music playback, and all sounds to be emitted through the car speakers, simply switch the original BMW radio to ‘AUX’ mode for playback.

4. Will it work with Left hand drive vehicles?
Yes, our kit is compatible with worldwide models.

Please note – an Apple iPhone is required for CarPlay functionality.

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