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Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Converter Dongle for Cars with Factory Fit Wired CarPlay



Break free from wires and upgrade your driving experience with Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Wireless Android Auto.

This revised second generation unit will also enable Wireless Android Auto, even in vehicles that only support Apple CarPlay only from factory.

Our Wireless CarPlay® dongle transforms factory fit wired Apple CarPlay® to wireless, together with adding Wireless/Wired Android Auto functionality whilst retaining all original features

It fits the majority of cars with factory fitted wired Apple CarPlay or aftermarket head units supporting wired Apple CarPlay.

Plug and play – Simply plug our product in to your CarPlay USB port and you are ready for Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto. It will automatically connect every time when you enter the car.

No wires – Safer in car environment with less clutter on the dashboard

Supports use of iPhones and Android phones*– Easily switch between phones selectable on menu

Integrated USB port – Providing a charging port for your phone or second handset

Factory sound quality – Retain the quality of a wired connection with the simplicity of wireless

*Your iPhone and Android phone must be compatible with Android Auto.

Supported Car Manufacturers and Years*



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