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Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto Interface for Aston Martin Vantage/Vanquish/DB9/Rapide 2012-2017 with Waterfall Dashboard


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This Aston Martin CarPlay Android Auto retrofit solution from Unique Auto Developments enables you to use full wireless/wired Apple CarPlay and wireless/wired Android Auto functionality on your cars original screen. This product was engineered to meet and exceed the OEM standard, ranging from the detail of the Aston Martin logo in the CarPlay home menu, or the excellent display quality, to the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, it retains and enhances all aspects of the vehicle. In addition, this product is designed to be a straightforward install and is fully plug and play without any coding or modifications required to the cars original wiring. The new upgraded wireless/wired Apple CarPlay/Android Auto function can be conveniently controlled via the car’s original control panel to select and skip songs, this seamless integration means that no additional controller is required. It also allows connecting a front camera and a rear camera, and our dynamic hazard perception cameras are compatible with this product (as displayed in photos).

Designed to work with the standard Aston Martin factory audio/screen in the following vehicles equipped with original Garmin Navigation and the waterfall dashboard with haptic touch panels –

DB9 (2015-2017)

Vanquish (2012-2016)*

* The carbon fibre body panels on Vanquish vehicles may reduce the effectiveness of wireless signals, therefore a wired connection maybe necessary occasionally.

Rapide (2015-2016)

Vantage (2015-2017)

* On vehicles where the factory Garmin navigation box is located in the boot compartment, signal strength of wireless capability may be reduced.

Key Advantages

  • Full wireless/wired CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later*
  • Full wireless/wired Android Auto functionality for compatible Android phone models*
  • Screen mirroring function for iPhone and Android phones.
  • Conveniently controlled via original dashboard control knobs to select menu and skip tracks. No additional controller is required.
  • Easy installation. All wires are fully plug and play. No coding or cable modification is required. All car’s original cables/parts/functions are retained.
  • Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation, Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps are all available and be notified of the live traffic information
  • Allows handsfree calling and messaging via Siri
  • Voice control via Siri
  • Allows aftermarket front/rear camera input. You may wish to enhance the car’s visibility by adding our hazard perception front/rear cameras to automatically recognise hazard on the road.
  • Play music from your favourite phone apps. Sound comes out from your Aston Martin factory stereo system via AUX input.
  • Wired connection for enhanced stability and it also charges your phone at the same time
  • Can be connected via both Bluetooth or USB port (included in the kit) to keep your phone charged at the same time
  • The USB port included can also accept USB flash drive to play music and videos.
  • One year warranty and lifetime email support.


*Note – vehicle must be equipped with Garmin Navigation and also a waterfall dashboard. If unsure, please email a photo of your dashboard displaying the main menu to contact@unique-ad.co.uk

DB9 (2015-2017)

Vanquish (2012-2016)

Rapide (2015-2016)

Vantage (2015-2017)

It fits both LHD and RHD vehicles.

Installation steps overview –

Installation for this model is straightforward as installation area is in the vehicle boot (dashboard disassembly is not required) and all connectors are plug and play, with no coding or modification needed.

Step 1, Access navigation unit, usually behind the carpet flap in the car boot. Step 2, Connect plug and play wiring looms inline to the navigation unit, then connect and route MIC/AUX/USB wires towards the front of the car.

An installation manual is included in the package.

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