Environmental Policy

Our products were born out of a passion for giving vehicle platforms a new lease of life, bringing updated technology and extending the service life of vehicles which are already cherished by their owners. This principle is integral to our ethos of upgrading and improving the OEM infotainment offering within the vehicle without discarding the existing components.

Smartphone integration technology such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has proven to be a key consideration for consumers who are considering purchasing a new vehicle, however production of a new vehicle has a significant environmental cost. Producing a medium-sized new car may generate more than 17 tonnes of CO2e – almost as much as three years’ worth of gas and electricity in the typical UK home.

For consumers that already own a reliable vehicle that suits their needs, addition of our smartphone integration system can ensure their car can take advantage of contemporary technology and avoid the negative financial and environmental implications of disposing of their existing vehicle.

Beyond our products, we are constantly striving to be an environmentally conscious, carbon neutral organisation wherever possible. Working with our logistics partners we have now implemented inclusive Carbon Neutral delivery options for both UK bound and worldwide deliveries.