Software updates

7th March 2019 – Major update to improve wireless connectivity

Applicable models –

Suitable for all UAD Wireless CarPlay interface kits built before 7th March 2019 (excluding wireless Audi A8, all BMW units, Land Rover RRS/D3 unit). If your unit was dispatched after 7th March, you already have this software. No need to update this again! If unsure, please always contact us with your order number first. If updated with incorrect software, you may need to open your dash again to perform a hard reset.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not accept any liability for incorrectly applied software updates. If you are at all unsure whether the update is suitable for your unit, contact us first with your device serial number.

How to update –

We recommend using a flash drive with capacity 4GB or less. Ensure the flash drive is formatted with FAT32 on a windows computer. Then follow how to update video for the update procedure. After update you may need to reset the car icon on CarPlay menu. Go into the CarPlay settings menu, entering password 1123 to choose the appropriate logo.