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Smart Hazard Perception Camera with Inbuilt Motion Sensor



Our new Smart Hazard Perception Camera with integrated SMARTDETECT™ Technology was designed by our engineering team with safety in mind. With an integral intelligent detection chipset, this camera not only shows a clear view, but also identifies the motion of pedestrians moving towards the vehicle, thanks to the inbuilt motion sensor within the camera itself.

Once the camera is engaged the motion tracking sensor is enabled which will identify and define the presence of vehicles, marking their presence with a clear visual overlay. Pedestrians are also identified with a yellow overlay, and if a pedestrian walks in the vicinity of the rear of the vehicle an audible warning will sound.

This system represents the state of the art in intelligent parking assistance, removing the stress from reversing situations through increasing driver awareness.

The universal camera is a very discrete size with an integral adjustable mounting bracket for convenient installation.

*Display quality is limited by the car’s screen resolution. The demo video above was filmed in a 2012 vehicle with a screen resolution of 800 x 480.

*The guidance lines are fixed within the camera itself to allow the pedestrian motion detection feature to function.

*The camera display is activated by camera interface box or Android unit itself. It cannot be used as a stand alone product.


This camera is compatible with of all our product range. Cable connection method is identical with our standard cameras (non smart cameras). In order to hear audible alerts, a small speaker is included which needs to be hidden in the passenger compartment.

A low profile mounting bracket with screws is included, to enable mounting on any car.



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Weight 1 kg

Universal Fit Front Camera, Universal Fit Rear Camera, Direct fit (Made to Order)

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