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Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto retrofit kit Audi A1 2010-2018

(2 customer reviews)


Fits A1 LHD and RHD models.


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This Unique Auto Developments® CarPlay/Android Auto kit fits all A1s between 2010-2018. This wireless CarPlay/Android Auto interface is a new product for 2019, which can be connected via Bluetooth or the USB port included in the kit, so you can still charge your phone or update software via the USB port when you need it.  It adds full CarPlay functionality to your vehicle and it has a built-in camera interface, so you can add on aftermarket cameras. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLl4KCvcrBQ]

Key advantages of the Unique Auto Developments CarPlay kit include –

  • Superior sound quality due to good quality components – no difference in quality with playing music from AUX or AMI.
  • Full wireless/wired CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later.
  • Full wireless/wired Android Auto functionality for compatible Android phone models.
  • Screen mirroring function for iPhone and Android phones.
  • Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze and be notified of the live traffic information
  • Allows handsfree calling and messaging
  • Voice control via Siri
  • Inbuilt interface for front, rear cameras and 360 cameras.
  • Play music from your favourite phone apps, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Music comes out from Audi factory stereo system.
  • Can be connected via both Bluetooth or USB port (included in the kit) to keep your phone charged at the same time
  • The USB port included can also accept USB flash drive/hard drive to play music and videos. 
  • Steering wheel control and touch screen control. Touch screen control doesn’t work with A1 equipped with MMI head unit. See photo below. (touch control is installed by adding a touch screen overlay to the factory screen and this is optional)
  • We provide detailed installation instructions in the box.
  • One year warranty and lifetime email support.

Fitment –

This unit will fit all 8X A1 (2010-2018) fitted with colour central display screen, including those fitted with RMC/RMC Nav and MMI 3G

Installation steps overview

It requires temporary removal of your multimedia unit (with release keys included) and your climate control (with trim tool included). Then just plug in our wires behind the multimedia unit (plug and play) and locate the interface box behind there. Refit everything. Job done. If you would like to install the touch screen overlay (optional installation step), you will need to remove your screen and apply the overlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I have to change my original car screen or make wiring modifications?

This kit allows you to retain the factory fitted display screen in your car, and all wiring is plug and play, so no cutting/modifying wires etc.

2. Will sound come out of my car stereo?

Yes, this unit will allow music playback, and all sounds to be emitted through the car speakers, simply switch the Audi radio to ‘AUX’ mode for playback.

3. Where do I plug in my phone?

Our kit comes with a USB ports. This port is for CarPlay where you can plug in the lighting cable. When using Apple CarPlay, simply just connect your phone to the lightning cable, it will charge your phone at the same time. This USB port also allows you to plug in a flash drive and play music and videos.

With this new wireless CarPlay kit, you can also use CarPlay wirelessly. Just simply connect via Bluetooth.

When checking out, please leave a note of the following information

  • The year/model of your car
  • Whether it has the MMI high system (with a SIM card slot in dash) or the Audi Multimedia (without the SIM card slot). Installation manual is different.
  • Whether it has AMI port in your armrest/glovebox (this requires an extra cable, so we will then include it for you)

Additional information



Box type

Audi Multimedia (wireless/wired), MMI high (wireless/wired)

2 reviews for Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto retrofit kit Audi A1 2010-2018

  1. Sarah

    Fantastic accessory!!! My husband bought this kit and fitted in my Audi A1 2012 as my birthday gift. I didn’t even know this is possible and then suddenly my Audi can use all the phone apps on my dash screen! I can listen to music, podcasts while driving also Apple Maps is great! It gives me live updates of traffic! This is an absolutely amazing gift and surprise! Amazing!

  2. mace.mathieu (verified owner)

    Très simple à installer. L’installation m’a pris une bonne demi journée, le plus long étant de passer le câble de la caméra de recul… qui doit traverser toute la voiture!
    Point négatif : les boutons du MMI ne fonctionnent pas pour piloter le CARPLAY, il est seulement pilotable depuis le volant et la caméra de recul est mal calibrée mais elle permet une bonne vision à l’arrière tout de même.
    Bref je recommande sans hésiter ce kit pour le CarPlay ça envoi votre voiture dans le 21 ème siècle !

    , sauf la partie tactile que je n’ai pas installée car trop compliqué d’arracher l’écran du tableau de bord j’ai préférer reporter cette modification.

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