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How To Connect Android Auto Wirelessly (Interface box only)

Android Auto Connection 4. On your Android handset, enter Settings-Bluetooth and search for ‘IDCORE’ 5. Tap on IDCORE, pairing popup will appear, select ‘Pair’ 6. IDCORE will now appear as an active bluetooth connection. 7. Connection may take up to 2 minutes, whilst ‘Attaching AndroidAuto’ will appear as below whilst connection finishes. 8. Android Auto […]

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Android Auto bugs: crashes, freezes and what to do

From September 2019, some Android users started to report a bug that Android Auto crashes and freezes on a black screen. After the Android 10 update, this issue is not solved but affects more Android phone models. It happens on all devices that support Android Auto, including factory fitted Android Auto on brand new cars […]

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