How To Connect Android Auto Wirelessly

Please note the Android device must be running Android 11 to support wireless Android Auto.

  1. On your Android device ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are set to ON.

2. Enter the IDCORE interface menu by pressing the assigned button for your vehicle, refer to installation manual for controls.

3. Go to the settings on the IDCORE menu then select Smart Phone and ensure the Android connection type is set to ANDROID AUTO.

4. Go back to the home screen on the interface menu, plug your phone in to the USB cable connected to the USB harness.

5. Android Auto should now load in WIRED form and be paired to the IDCORE unit via Bluetooth.

6. Unplug your phone and reboot the IDCORE unit (turn off ignition)

7. Once you have restarted the car enter our interface menu by pressing the assigned button.

8. After a few moments you should see a pop-up box appear with your phones name, please tap/select exactly where your phones name is displayed and not below or above.

9. If done correctly the pop-up box will then disappear and you will see a message saying ‘Please wait attaching Android Auto’

10. Android Auto will load on screen.

Please note the pop-up box will only display for a limited time and if you tap/select above or below where your phones name is displayed or do not make any selection the pop-up box will disappear but still show a green icon at the top of the screen. If this happens please follow the below process.

On the IDCORE main menu go to settings, Bluetooth, Paired devices, Tap/select Phone Audio twice, Tap/select Media Audio twice if done correctly the pop-up box should then re-appear and you should be able to tap/select where it says your phones name again and Android Auto should load.

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