How to carry out an MCU update to the IDCORE Box

For this update you will need a flash drive with up to 4GB storage that is formatted to FAT 32 at 2048 Bytes, the approved flash drive we provide with our kits works well to carry out this update. You will also need a micro USB adaptor to plug in to the IDCORE box (available online)

  • You will need to download the MCU Update file to the formatted USB flash drive.
  • Power on the IDCORE box and make sure blue light is flashing
  • Plug the USB stick in to the Micro USB adaptor
  • Carefully plug the USB and Micro USB adaptor in the UPDATE port on the IDCORE Box
  • Press the round Reset button on the IDCORE Box to start updating new firmware. The reset button is recessed next to the DIP switches.
  • The blue light will start to blink rapidly 4 times/second
  • Wait for the blue light to stop blinking rapidly
  • Once the blue light is solid and not blinking remove the Micro USB Adaptor
  • Press the RESET button on the IDCORE box
  • Wait for the box to restart, go to the settings screen on your IDCORE box to confirm the MCU Version has been successfully applied.

*If you don’t see the blue light flashing rapidly around 4 times/second this means that the firmware is not taken. Please try a new flash drive and make sure it’s formatted correctly.

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