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Front Camera Connection Guide

Ensure OEM menu and IDCORE interface menu displays/operates correctly before installing any aftermarket camera. Install reverse camera first if you are installing both front and rear cameras. Step 1 Settings Camera supported – NTSC and our cameras. There are two methods to display front view. Method 1 is automatically displaying front view triggered by R-D gear […]

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How to add Apple CarPlay to your car?

Owners of popular car brands such as Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar etc. are finding that despite smartphone technology improving each year, the media systems in their cars are struggling to keep pace, forcing them to use phone holders or worse looking directly at a mobile device for navigation directions and music, leaving them at […]

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IDCORE Smartphone integration – the Ultimate Roadtrip Companion

As we reach the twilight days of what has been a sunshine filled summer here in Britain, it is the time where we look back and savour those long summer drives and make plans for the next year. Do you enjoy the drive of your current car, but find the infotainment lags behind newer cars? […]

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